The DAK Sustainable Premium Organic product line is perfect for homeowners and professionals. We use an organic, chemical free worm casting base technology that provides a sustainable and organic option to fertilize and care for all your trees, plants, lawns and crop productions.

Chemical fertilizer passes through the plant root zone in 7-14 days; allowing only 11% to be absorbed and utilized by the plant. 89% leaches and pollutes the surrounding environment flowing into streams, rivers, and oceans. Premium Organic Products eliminate chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We make it easy to work with Organics for healthier plants, lush gardens, and child and pet friendly landscapes!!

  • Increase root growth and root depth
  • Reduce water usage
  • Increase plant immunity and resilience
  • Improved soil structure and aggregates
  • Increased flower buds with longer lasting flowers
  • Dramatic increase in plant health and vigor

Lawn Care:

Premium Organic Vermi-TEA Solution provides a simple way to treat you lawn without the use of chemicals, and high nitrogen fertilizers.

The microbes in Premium Organic Worm Castings and Premium Organic Vermi-TEA work together to determine what the plant is, an annual, perennial, tree or shrub. They will determine this by the roots signaling through exudate secretions. Grass prefers nitrogen in the form of nitrates rather than ammonia. This indicates a bacterial dominant preference.  Premium Organic Products provide beneficial bacteria that will improve the growth of your lawn, improve soil structure and reduce water usage by extending the length and girth of the root and rhizosphere.  Adding Premium Organic 50/50 adds the needed biology, Nitrogen and carbon to create healthy and strong grass. Continuing with monthly Premuim Organic Vermi-TEA treatments will ensure the grass stays green healthy and resilient.

Tree Care:

Premium Organic Products have the proper biology and nutrition to ensure your trees stay healthy, strong and resilient.  The Property indicated in this picture used Premium Organic Vermi-TEA and Premium Organic 50/50. If you look closely you can see red circles. these are trees that have been cut down. The other properties lost thousands in expenses, property value and beauty of the pines.

Some Ways to Treat your Trees


Foliar applications: 

Adding microbial competition on leaf surfaces creates a buffer between pathogens and disease and leaf surfaces. Foliar feeding increases nutrient uptake, facilitates in the building of plant infrastructure through photosynthesis and cellular growth.


Root Injections:

 Injecting Microbial Tea directly into roots and rhizosphere is recommended. This allows microbes to directly contact the rhizosphere and eliminate any pathogenic competition. Balanced biology, microbial diversity along with Chitin and Cellulose degraders will begin to work with the tree immediately to begin repair and facilitate with nutrient uptake. This creates optimal health for you tress.


Using Premium Organic 50/50, Premium Organic Vermi-TEA Solution teas  will help keep your crops growing healthy and problem free as well as Increase yields, brix and protein levels in all of your fruits and vegetables.

Table Grapes 30% Increase in yield