Areas of Practice


Residential and Commercial Landscape

DAK Sustainable offers residential and commercial landscape consulting.  Please contact for more information regarding your specific needs.


DAK Sustainable offers designs for any of your agricultural needs.  We take pride in designing agricultural systems of all scales, looking to get high output with minimal input. When designing with this concept in mind, money is saved and the environment is saved too.

Here in sunny San Diego we are lucky enough to have one of the most sought after growing environments in the world.  We can grow almost all perennial tree crops, including avocados and citrus, as well as vegetable crops!

Due to the fact that San Diego is a coastal desert, we get minimal rainfall, Custom-Tech Irrigation is necessary to increase sustainability!


At DAK Sustainable we find the source of your irrigation problems implementing a triage protocol.  This makes diagnosis of any problem straight forward, helping us fix rather than bandage, making you irrigation system as good as new!