DAK Sustainable knows Sustainable Landscape Solutions.We specialize in Irrigation and Organic Fertilization technologies, as well as in the methods to Design, Install and Construct these systems achieving the most sustainable and most efficient results. 

Daniel A. Kwittken has over 5 years of experience in Sustainable Landscape Design and Construction; he also has an Agricultural and Environmental Education B.S., from the University of California at Davis, in which he emphasized Plant and Soil Science.

DAK Sustainable has been delivering results with a focus on providing both a superior customer experience and a tremendous value for our customers. Daniel is passionate about exceeding client expectations, especially with regards to their personal wants and needs.

Daniel is a Licensed Landscape Contractor in California, and through his experience in Sustainable Landscape Design and Construction, Sustainable Nursery Management, and his Education at UCD he has become versed in over 400 of your favorite plant species for Outdoor Landscapes as well as Interior-scapes.

At DAK Sustainable we understand the benefits in using Premium Organic Vermi-TEA Solution, and  Premium Organic 50/50 soil amendment. When properly used in combination these products offer everything that any plant needs the way that nature intended.

The different microbial populations are the machines that seek out and make available all plant nutrients.  The probiotics also boost plant immune system’s.  You will find that the need for synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides will decrease exponentially if not completely. The results speak for themselves!

DAK Sustainable offers several different services as well as products for you to take the next step in your Home or Agricultural Landscape.